We will refund a non-refundable ticket (or the value of the unused segment of your trip) to the original form of payment if: You cancel within 24 hours of booking (and booked at least 2 days before departure).
Destination-specific taxes not imposed by us may be eligible Taxes we must pay regardless of whether you travel are not eligible.
Uatp Card, Union pay (Credit card you can pay also in Other Ways: PayPal, check Book, voucher we are solely act as an agent, we create a connection between travelers and suppliers of travel services.
In the event of long delays on the plane, we'll make every reasonable effort to ensure you have food (such as crackers or biscuits water, access to the restroom and basic medical assistance if needed.If the temperature is below 20 degrees Fahrenheit (-6.6 degrees C your pet cannot be checked even with a letter from your vet.Contact Reservations to make arrangements for your pet in advance.We don't declare that we are airlines or are associated with any airlines.Read our refunds FAQs for details.Request a refund Opens another site in a new window that may not meet accessibility guidelines Refunds for seats, bags and extras If you paid for seats, bags or other extras and don't use them because you didn't travel as planned, you may request.Customer service plan All bags are subject to inspection.

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675) 4 hour arrival delay 400 of one-way fare (max.All bag fees are non-refundable and apply per person, each way.A flight is oversold when there are more checked-in passengers than seats.You must cancel your trip within 24 hours of purchase for a refund.Providing this service and making the world a smaller, more inclusive place, is a huge part of who we are.When you volunteer to give up your confirmed seat on a flight, we will compensate you with travel credit in an amount we think is fair.Each abbigliamento taglie forti vendita on line passenger must have a valid ticket to fly.Checked in earliest, the selection of customers who are involuntarily denied seats is solely at Americans discretion.