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Please keep your registration coupons to board the bus ) On the premises of the new building.
(495) Fax Publication of and trade in literature on economics and finances, accounting and audit, law, informatics; in educational and reference literature and literature on humanities.
Qualified personnel in the world of libraries and books.
Libraries in the Knowledge Society Leonid Kostenko,.I.Adaptive Technologies in Developing Barrier-free Information and Library Environment: Projects.The Role of AST Publishing Group in Corporate Cataloging Gennady Popov, AST Publishing Group, Moscow, Russia.Special Features of Tender for University Libraries Collection Development Elena Beylina, Marketing PR Director, Omega-L Group of Companies, Moscow, Russia.The buses will leave from the Main Gate at the time announced.The Role of Educational and Cultural Institutions in Forming Social Cohesion and Tolerance at a Local Level.Federal Center for Documents Preservation, tersburg, Russia.Alis 1S: School Library for the Academic Process Information Support Alexander Solodovnikov, Mart Company, Velikie Luki, Pskov Region, Russia.On the way to Yalta the bus will stop for you to admire the symbol of the Southern Coast of Crimea a miniature palace called "Lastochkino Gnezdo" (Swallows Nest located on the very edge of the cliff.Implementation of marc-SQL alis in School Libraries.As of today, this division has produced over 1,500 titles on the following subjects:.
Information Support of Research and Library Collection Preservation (from the State Public Historical Library of Russia Experience) Oksana Dineeva, State Public Historical Library of Russia, Moscow, Russia.
The portfolio of the group has over 40,000 titles produced by 800 leading publishers.

The Role of Libraries in the Language Diversity in Cyberspace Development Galina Kislovskaya, Director for International Activities, Russian State Library, Moscow, Russia.OvidSP in Search of High Quality Content Vincent Maessen and Jens Graessler, Wolters Kluwer, Representative Office in Central and Eastern Europe and CIS, Berlin, Germany. .Please keep your registration coupon to board the bus).00-12.20 session 1 ROle of libraries in university academic processes Conference Hall.Copyright Problems as Related to Electronic Publications for the Blind Tatyana Kalashnik, Regional Special Library for the Blind, Pskov, Russia General discussion and conclusions Final discussion, workshop conclusions, discussion of New projects Workshop: Management and Marketing in Libraries and Associations chairs: Boris Marshak, First Deputy.Petersburg, Russia.On the Status and Development of Nongovernmental Information and Technological Library Unions Yakov Shrayberg, Director General, Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology; President, elnit International Association; Vice President, Russian Library Association, Moscow, Russia.The Well-Forgotten New (Electronic Resources that Are Not Often Talked about) Ekaterina Polnikova, National Electronic Information Consortium, tersburg, Russia.00-15.00 lunch.00-17.00 session (continued).Promotion of Library into Social Environment: Forms and Methods of Advertising Campaigns Nina Khokhryakova and Ekaterina Sirotina, Perm State Regional Universal Library, Perm, Russia.Organizational and Technological Support of Building Electronic Library Content in alis Felix Voroysky, Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology, Moscow, Russia.The Instructional Centers of Business and Academic Literature by "KnoRus" Publishing Trading House.Among other sights and sanctities of Stary Krym are.; Fax E-mail: Russian National Public Library for Science and Technology was founded in 1958 on the basis of the National Library for Science of the ussr Ministry of Education.Professional literature for whom is it published?Special discounts will be offered sconti privalia for software and information products.
Conceptual Approaches in the Young Personnel Strategy in Librarianship Tatyana Makarenko, Russian State Juvenile Library, Library Carreer Information and Colsulting Center, Moscow, Russia.

Rudomino All-Russian State Library for Foreign Literature, Moscow, Russia Administrators: Elena Beylina, Marketing PR Director, Omega-L Group of Companies, Moscow, Russia Svetlana Zorina, Head of Advertizing Department, KnoRus Publishing Trade House, Moscow, Russia Rifat Sarazetdinov, General Director, grand-fair Publishing Group, Moscow, Russia Lyubov Kazachenkova, Editor-in-Chief.