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Andrew's father, Steven Andrews, was a Packer fan and that fandom grew on Erin.
Valine Business Vision Service Plan.
Vorhoff Business Bank of America Securities Healthcare Group.
06-Feb-1931 - Mark Van Doren Poet The Happy Critic 13-Jun-1894 10-Dec-1972 Mona Van Duyn Poet To See, To Take 09-May-1921 01-Dec-2004 Anthony Van Dyck Painter Flemish portraitist and English court painter 22-Mar-1599 09-Dec-1641 Barry Van Dyke Actor Diagnosis Murder 31-Jul-1951 - Dick Van Dyke Actor.Seattle Seahawks - Macklemore Born in Seattle, Benjamin Haggerty, aka Macklemore, is the ultimate 12th man.Vogel Business Vice Chairman of Dish Network.Like Chris Berman used to say, "no one circles the wagons like the.Je connaissais un peu sa chanson 'Your Body mais je n'imaginais pas le grand musicien qu'il est!3, she began skating at age nine 4 when her father took Peggy and her three sisters skating.Vucanovich Politician Congresswoman from Nevada, Jun-1921 - Severina Vuckovic Musician Virtuous Croatian pop star's secret sex tape leaked 21-Apr-1972 - Louis Vuitton Business French luggage manufacturer 04-Aug-1821 27-Feb-1892 Bill Vukovich Auto Racing Winner, 19 Indianapolis 500 13-Dec-1918 30-May-1955 Carl.She even tried to change Tiger Woods into a Broncos fan.Have Johnny Heckker and Robert Quinn on Modern Family?Peggy Gale Fleming 2 (born July 27, 1948) is an American former figure skater.Pittsburgh Steelers - Wiz Khalifa What's the best way to show your fandom?Strasser in Casablanca 22-Jan-1893 03-Apr-1943 John.He was even fortunate enough to see the.Apparemment c'est une affaire qui roule!1956 - Paul Volcker Economist Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Sep-1927 - Stephen.They used to be owners of the Texas Rangers baseball team, and they're frequently spotted at NFL games supporting their home-town Texans.

Viets Diplomat US Ambassador to Jordan, Nov-1930 - Henri Vieuxtemps Violinist Belgian violinist and composer 17-Feb-1820 06-Jun-1881 Butch Vig Music Producer Record producer, drummer for Garbage 08-Dec-1957 - Vincent du Vigneaud Chemist Synthesized vasopressin and oxytocin 18-May-1901 11-Dec-1978 Allen.09-Mar-1934 - Timothy Van Patten Actor Mario Pettrino on The White Shadow 10-Jun-1959 - Vincent Van Patten Actor Rock 'n' Roll High School 17-Oct-1957 - Mario Van Peebles Actor Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song 15-Jan-1957 - Melvin Van Peebles Film Director Watermelon Man 21-Aug-1932 - Robin.Van Skilling Business CEO of Experian, 1996-99.Viault Business Vice Chairman of General Mills,.Peggy's mother played a memorable role in her daughter's Grenoble Olympic medal, as she chose a color for the skating costume, chartreuse, named after the liqueur of that color produced by neighboring.Through the thick and thin, Sandler will always be there to cheer on his team.Van Vleck Physicist Quantum theory of paramagnetism 13-Mar-1899 27-Oct-1980 Carol van Voorst Diplomat US Ambassador to Iceland, 2006-09.198 AD Pope Victor cellulari samsung offerte unieuro II Religion Bishop of Eichstädt, Pope from Jul-1057 Pope Victor III Religion Roman Catholic Pope, Sep-1087 Henry Victor Actor Freaks 02-Oct-1892 15-Mar-1945 Kathy.Tennessee Titans - Tim McGraw It makes sense that a country superstar would be a fan of the Titans, since they do play in "Music City." When McGraw isn't on tour, he's often seen patrolling the Titans sidelines.Archived from the original on April 27, 2006.1959 - Cristian Vogel Electronic Musician Super Collider 1972 - Jürgen Vogel Actor Life Is All You Get 29-Apr-1968 - Mike Vogel Actor Grind 17-Jul-1979 - Walther von der Vogelweide Poet Medieval German lyric poet.1947 - Daisy von Scherler Mayer Film Director The Guru 14-Sep-1966 - Baldur von Schirach Government Hitler-Jugend, Gauleiter of Vienna 09-Mar-1907 08-Aug-1974 Friedrich von Schlegel Philosopher Founder of the German Romantic movement 10-Mar-1772 12-Jan-1829 Kurt von Schleicher Politician German chancellor, murdered by the SS 04-Jul-1882.Worrell 15-Jun-1949 10-Feb-2000 Reg Varney Actor On the Buses 11-Jul-1916 16-Nov-2008 Diane Varsi Actor Peyton Place 23-Feb-1938 19-Nov-1992 Michael Vartan Actor Never Been Kissed 27-Nov-1968 - Giorgio Vasari Artist Lives of the Artists 30-Jul-1511 27-Jun-1574 John Vasconcellos Politician California State Legislator 11-May-1932 - Nana Vasconcelos.Voigt Judge Wyoming Chief Justice 1949 - Cynthia Voigt Author Juvenile author, Tillerman Cycle 25-Feb-1942 - George Voinovich Politician US Senator from Ohio 15-Jul-1936 - La Voisin Paranormal French sorceress, affaire des poisons?Kansas City Chiefs - Paul Rudd Not even from Kansas City, Rudd is all for Kansas City sports including the Chiefs and Royals.1956 - Patricia Velasquez Model The Mummy 31-Jan-1971 - Diego Velázquez Painter Las Meninas 06-Jun-1599 06-Aug-1660 Nadine Velazquez Actor Catalina on My Name Is Earl 20-Nov-1978 - Nydia Velázquez Politician Congresswoman, New York 12th 28-Mar-1953 - Henri Van De Velde Architect Art Nouveau architect 03-Apr-1863.

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