An etude «Female hands and a comical sketch of a man's head» (a silver pencil and whitewash on the grounded paper).
Universal Genius due to his accomplishments in a wide variety of fields including science, engineering, mathematics, anatomy and botany.
As one of the early Renaissance men, he was largely underappreciated in Florence, birth place of the Renaissance, and lived out his days under the appreciative arm of French King Francois.For while it is true that the artists own predilections tended to represent the epitome of male beauty as somewhat effeminate, surely this is woman we are looking.All Da Vinci inventions formed the basis of modern underwater equipment.It is this disciple.Anatomy, botany and paleontology Leonardo da Vinci.From the far left, we have the first group who all look surprised.Similarly, the Master mixed knowledge of different sciences, so his inventions eventually find more and more applications.Da Vinci numerous hydraulic engineering experiments have received expression in innovative projects of channels and irrigational systems.In December 2000, a British paratrooper Adrian Nicholas in South Africa descended from a height of 3,000 meters from a balloon using a parachute designed by Leonardo da Vinci.For this period it is necessary Leonardo-painter's creative blossoming.Leonardo, apparently, did not leave a single self-portrait, which could be unambiguously attributed triumph intimo scontato to him.The next years the master spends in incessant moving (Florence, 1507; Mantua and Venice - 1500; Milan - 1506, ; Rome ).The Artist, leonardo da Vinci was arguably one of the greatest men to have ever lived.Leonardo did not sign his works, but they have identification marks.
Behind him is likely Peter, Jesus number one disciple who appears angry at the news.

Five Secrets of Leonardo da Vinci.Some people believe that the person to the right of Jesus in the painting is not John the Apostle, but a woman named Mary Magdalene.The subject depicted is traditional for such premises.Figures depicted, the twelve apostles are depicted in groups of three, sitting around the Christs figure that is in the centre.They are the mirror image of the Redeemers: where one wears a blue robe and a red cloak, the other wears a red robe and a blue cloak in the identical style.For man has always wanted to fly like the birds, but having a driving desire to pedal along less than perfect roads precariously balanced on two wheels is completely mystifying (and does not, unlike flying, figure in any classic fable).Leonardos detailed knowledge of anatomy, light, botany and geology; his interest in how humans register emotion in expression and gesture; and his subtle gradation of tone; all come together to make this painting among the most revered and famous works of all time.Unlike the painfully protracted trial-and-error stages in the development of the early Victorian bicycle, however, the da Vinci roadracer had two wheels of equal size and a chain and gear mechanism.However the painting remained unfinished as Leonardo departed for Milan the following year.Did you know that the great fame of this masterpiece has awaken the interest of many historians, researchers and novelists who seek to solve the supposed mysteries and enigmas that surround this painting.Augustinian monks of San Donato.The painting also makes us feel as if we too are a part.According to the artist's intention, the fresco was to become his most ambitious work.Giving to «dispute of arts» a palm tree of superiority of painting as to the most intellectual, on its belief, a creativity kind, the master understood it as universal language (similar to mathematics in sphere of sciences) which embodies all variety of a universe.

This, however, is merely the tip of the iceberg of the unorthodoxy depicted in this painting.
How to visit the Last Supper of Leonardo da Vinci?
Leonardo preferred the method of analogy to all the others.