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F84E e Avviso pubblico per la presentazione di progetti di innovazione delle micro e piccole imprese - Prot.
The companys goal is the development and the proposal in the appropriate market sectors for innovative applications and services based on ICTs trough Satellite Navigation, EO Communication activities.
All research and innovation activities were carried out with internal capital investments and by taking part in development and innovation programs co-financed by national and international Institutions such as: Italian Space Agency ASI through SME program, European Structural Fund (FSE fers) through National Operational Plan.
The evolution of technology in recent years has produced changes in the world of construction: light, easily usable materials; ICT; and high performance machines and robots.Nais is a company in ICT systems located in Rome and Naples, classified as SME according to the European Commission classification (2003/361/EC).In this context, Sinapsi.View our works, more about Us, we have new ideas about green economy and how make your business much more sustainable than now.Smart Lock, smart lock is a solution coming out from the greenBag suite development and then transformed into an indipendent product.It is based on the estimation of physical parameters that make unambiguous the nature of a liquid.Its innovative applications and services are already available in the fields of Smart-mobility (solutions for transportation support and information to citizens and tourists Emergency (mission management and resource planning Cultural Heritage (safeguard, fruition and prevention Maritime sector (search rescue, mission management and access to harbours.GreenBag is a distributed system able to recognize.Choose our product and let us know if it completely match with your requests.GreenBag greenBag is the first aTons solution.It is dedicated to the collection of UCO (Used Cooking Oils both from households and restaurants.Nais completes the whole Technology Transfer Process, passing through R D Projects and industrialization and commercialization of products.
Nextant Applications Innovative Solutions nais, established at the end of 2005, is an Italian privately owned company.
Read more iOil iOil is the sensor used in greenbag suite to estimate the quantity and the quality of the oil provided by users.

Filas-MI del 3/8/2012 CUP F87I.Lungotevere delle Navi, Roma - Tel.06.3215114 Fax.06.Our solutions are able to track the production of waste starting from households until the recycling center without changing the currently used supply chain but only improving its efficiency.It is an electronic lock controlled by a microcontroller able to manage different sensors and actuators).We can start from the scratch your solution and guide you on the much more valuable technologies and technique.Cliccando su un qualsiasi link di questo sito dai il tuo consenso all'utilizzo di tale tecnologia.Formazione e comunicazione, consulenza legale.Domanda LAZ-SU Codice CUP.Take a look, who we are, customisation.Take a look, who we are, design.GreenBag solutions are composed by 3 main modules.
Research, composed by Engineers and PhDs we can perform high quality industrial research.
Nais core expertise in the market sectors of Space Defence plays a strategic role in the development of innovative applications by means of enabling technologies.

Starting from our greenBag suite we can personalise your own waste collection method, starting from plastic, paper, glass, metal and also used cooking oils.