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Dont worry that youll be charged the standby fees on airlines that charge one, such as Delta or US Airways; both airlines contracts of carriage specify that bumped passengers will be transported at no additional charge.
Otherwise, you can take your originally scheduled flight; just think of my mom and be glad that you got a seat at all.
It might also be worthwhile to ask for a first-class upgrade on your new flight, meal vouchers if theres a long delay, or even hotel vouchers if an overnight stay is required.You might be denied boarding, or bumped, for a variety offerte adsl senza telefono fisso of reasons, but its usually because the airline has sold more tickets than it has seats available.Mention the word bump to my mother, and she grits her teeth, remembering getting stranded in an unfamiliar airport after being denied boarding from her flight.Dont get greedy, but be firm.Find out if your flight is overbooked : Call your airline before you go to the airport and ask if your flight is overbooked.So that brings me to this weekends question for you.
That means youll be stuck in a full-to-capacity flight, traveling at a peak time.

A View From The Wing today posted that there was one flyer who gave up their seat for 4,000 and was put on a flight later that day.The ND stadium from a Delta jet!In short, take all the advice youve read about avoiding hassles and delays and do just the opposite.The odds of being bumped, no matter how prepared you are, the odds arent high that youll be bumped.What if it was a very special event and it would mean you would have to miss this event?Research flight schedules : Check the schedule of flights to your destination on other airlines, print them out, and bring them to the airport.Volunteer your seat : When you check in, let the airline agent know that youre willing to give up your seat if the plane is too full, and ask to be put on the volunteer list.Free tickets often have the same seat limitations and blackout dates as frequent flyer award tickets, but if youd rather have more flexibility, you can instead ask for a voucher, with a cash value that can be applied toward a future trip.AirTran 5,499,693 11,593.21, united 29,515,407 58,568.20, northwest 22,710,860 44,055.19 These numbers show that only a fraction of a percent of passengers got bumped, even on the airlines with the highest figures.Before you rush to be bumped from your next flight, keep in mind that no matter how crowded it seems, theres usually a good chance that the airline will be able to fit everyone on the plane.Both free tickets and cash vouchers usually have an expiration date of one year from the date theyre issued.My wife and I, last May on the way to Sweden via Amsterdam, gave up our seats for 2x 3,000 vouchers and we were happy to accept a 6 hour delay for 1,000 per hour in travel money.Also let the employees at the gate know that youre happy to take a later flight in exchange for compensation, and stay in earshot to hear if they start calling for volunteers.But you can also volunteer to be bumped, and walk away from the gate with a seat on the next available plane, plus free tickets or travel vouchers that will help you save on your next trip.Generally, you can expect 5 for lunch and 10 for dinner.That, IMO, is worth giving up tickets to the big game.
But now is a good time to try, because planes have been more full over the last few months than they were earlier this year.

2x 3,000 yes please!