benelli super vinci цена в украине

Other standard features which the Super Vinci is equipped with are sconti papino licata choke tube wrench, shim kit, and a hard case. .
Before you do anything, you need to clean and lube the shotgun.
No time for fumbling with a safety.
Watch out for that 3 magnum kick, though!It comes in 2 different barrel lengths (26, 28 4 different finishes (Black Synthetic, Realtree Max-5, Realtree APG, and Gore Optifade Concealment Marsh and has a 31 magazine capacity.As I mentioned earlier, what works best (and what the Benelli reps recommend) is finding the heaviest ammo possible with the Super Vinci it will be 3 or 3 shells and shoot a few boxes.And in that respect, the Super Vinci does a fine job.Safety is a vital subject when it comes to shotguns, so its not tough to see why the safety button has been such a polarizing issue for the Super Vinci.
Its innovative design raises the standard for firearms technology.
On the older Vinci models, the trigger guard had the option of getting in the way once that recoil hit.

It frees your hands, and it helps you stay as comfortable as you can.What some people fail to internalize is that the Super Vinci is a shotgun designed to handle 3 shells.The best possible way to ensure a high-quality shooting experience, from the get-go, is by treating your new shotgun as a tool that is still unfinished.I go with what is tried and true, and things work out just fine.Once it is broken in, there is usually no trouble with shooting anything which the Super Vinci can chamber.Another issue which some people encounter isnt really an issue, per se, but rather a case of inconvenience and adaptation.The weight of the Super Vinci is approximately 7 lbs., and the manufacturer suggested retail price for the various models is 1,799 or 1,899. .You are the one who will be carrying this weapon, so you had better do it right.With the Super Vinci, some of them reported that it jammed 60-80 of the time. .Sometimes, bad shouldering technique can cause serious damage to your body.Its inertia-driven system will thank you.Sure, the Super Vinci has a couple of issues, but they are ones which are easily overcome.
The web is full of stories of people who took their newly-unboxed Benelli shotgun (not limited to the Super Vinci, but all Benellis and immediately attempted to go hunting with.
The ones which I can recommend are the standard go to shells: Federal Premium Black Cloud, Winchester X Steel, Remington HyperSonic, or Hevi-Metal.